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SHEE Academy 
(Sandy's Hair Extensions Education)
Hair Extension Training and Certification
Where true education begins!
65% of stylists who attend hair extension trainings are neither trained nor educated properly to master this art of hair extending. 
 At SHEE Academy, all classes are taught and designed by Sandy, with 28 years of "real-life" experience, who still actively works "behind-the-chair".  Each class is designed to instill important knowledge of the industry and gain technical skills on the techniques and methods. Most importantly, our hair extensions training will help you gain the confidence needed to master this ever-evolving skill. 
SHEE Academy offers One-on-One and training and small classes (up to 4) to ensure a quality learning experience for long-term success.  Sandy shares her time-tested tips and tricks that can only be taught by someone who has real-life experience behind-the-chair.
Sandy knows firsthand the need for delivering natural looking hair extension services, solid education and hands-on training for the Hair Stylist.  Sheshares her passion in 2 separate ways:
Her clients... by preforming custom services that complement the client's professional, personal and individual needs.
Licensed Hair Stylists... by developing an educational system with hands-on training to provide exclusive knowledge of the hair extension industry. We teach the importance of being educated on business theory, post extension care, service maintenance, proper application and removal.
We promote stylist independence, giving the stylists free range to be 100% in control of their own business. We focus 100% on the Stylist...not a Brand.  You are "The Boss" of your business, the "Services" and the "Hair" you choose to represent.  This is accomplished by connecting you with reputable manufactures and vendors, preventing you from being bound by contract with a particular brand, technique  and/or company. 
1st we Educate, 2nd we teach the importance of proper "Technique" when working with "Methods" and 3rd we deliver CONFIDENCE.
We teach (3)  Beaded Row methods and (3)   Strand-by-Strand methods resulting in 6 different techniques that will integrate 3 types of  wefted hair (hand-tied, seamless/flat and machine weft) along with the I-tip and K-tip hair strands.  The knowledge and skills acquired from SHEE Academy's training will provide you the ability to explore the unlimited possibilities of offering multiple hair extension services that can benifit all hair types.
About the hair... Hair applied to the techniques come in 5 types: Hand-Tied weft, Seamless weft, Machine weft, K-tip and I-Tip.
     Advanced training & additional "Techniques" are available.
Universal Training Package: 2 Methods / 6 Techniques
Beaded Row Method...
Beaded Waterfall, Braidless Sew-in & Beaded Micro Link
Strand by Strand Method...
Fusion, Micro Bead (I-tip), Shrink Wrap
Class Investment: Technique(s) packages...
1. "Techniques" for the stylist wanting to master 1 Technique  $899
2. "Combo" choice of 2 Techniques (1 Strand by Strand & 1 Beaded Row)  $1,499
3. "Signature" this 2 1/2-day elite package includes mastery of 6 techniques $3,999
$250/$450/$650 deposit required to secure your date.
Classes are on Saturdays, Sundays & Mondays
  • How to give a professional consultation
  • How to introduce extension services to your clients
  • Custom color blending
  • How to order hair
  • Methods vs. Techniques
  • Customer service and successful habits
  • Proper maintenance, application and aftercare
  • Removal and re-tipping
  • Finishing techniques - layering, blending and styling
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Hair Extensions 101 Theory... "Hair Extensions...It's more than just adding hair." Everything you need to know about the hair extension business.
  • Extension starter kit- everything you need to get started
  • Mannequin Head
  • Practice Hair
  • SHEE Academy certification
  • Ongoing support for stylists who successfully complete the class
Increase your Knowledge, Skills and Confidence... increase your income!
To reserve your One-on-One session with Sandy today!    
A non-refundable deposit is required for all reservations after date confirmation.  Payment plans are available.  All balances must be paid in full 5 business days prior to class date.
For more information, call the salon (317) 809-0110 or email
Having trouble deciding which technique to choose?
Want to learn more about who we are, our training style and the unique packages & additional "Technique" we offer? Schedule an appointment for our "Hair Extension FYI and Q&A" time by calling the salon or the "Book Appointment" link.   There is a $25 fee to reserve your private appointment time. All scheduled appointments will receive a $50 certificate to use toward any SHEE Academy class with a 30-day expiration date.
All No-Shows will be forfeited.
This FYI class is designed to do 4 things..
1.  Introduce our unique learning style 
2.  Provide a visual representation of the various techniques we offer in addition to our "Technique" training packages
3.  Private time for Q & A  
4.  To set the stylist up for success to effectively choose the technique(s) that will best accommodate their unique business, clientele and salon.

Concierge Coaching available upon satisfactory completion of training. Concierge Coaching is designed to have a professional personally assist you through the start and finish of  your 1st install. Call the salon for more details.
We can travel to your suite, loft or salon...
In state... up to 3 hours round trip
Out of state... (all travel and lodging fees will apply)
SHEE Academy..."Where Determination, Hair and Art merge as One."
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