A  Salon Dedicated to Servicing all Hair Types
Prices may vary depending on texture, length and chemical grow out .
" Services are ala carte "
Natural Hair Care

Naturally Textured Hair, Relaxed Hair & Naturally Straight Hair 



Starting at 

Hair Styling Services

Hair Bath #1  60.

(naturally straight hair type 1) 

Hair Bath #2  75.

(wavy to relaxed straight hair type 2-3 )

Hair Bath #3  95 - 120.

(naturally curly hair type 4)

Hair Bath #4  85.

(clients with added extensions)   


add Color?...

Color touch-up   +40

Full Color   +55

Color touch-up and Cut +65   

add Foils?

Partial Foil  +55

Full Foil   +75

 Foil and Cut   +90

 ~ Naturally Textured ~ 

Hair Styles 

Curl Definition Set  65.

Natural Hair Styling  75. 

(single, double or flat twist)

with flat iron out & style   95.



Prices may vary depending on texture, length and amount of chemical grow-out.

Color and Foiling

Hair cuts, Hair Smoothing and Deep Conditioning

Starting at 


Style included with all services

Hair Cuts

Women Hair Cut   75.

Smoothing Services:

Relaxer touch-up  125.

Includes deep conditioner

and maintenance trim

Newbie Relaxer 

Includes full application, deep Conditioner treatment & Cut



Brazilian Blowout... start at 300.

 Permanent Straightening...  400.

Deep Conditioning Treatments...

Tiger Treatments  +12 - +45

Split End Treatment   +45

Moisture Treatment   +17

Steam Treatment   +25



Prices may vary depending on

texture, length, and amount of

chemical grow-out.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions and Traditional Sew-Ins


Consultation Required


Consultation...  25.

Consultations last 30 - 45 minutes.

 The consultation fee will be credited to your future Hair Extension appointment made upon completion of the scheduled consultation appointment.

Please visit the Hair Extensions page for more details on exclusive hair extension services.

All extension services include

Haircut and style.








Hair is an additional cost due to the  variations in colors, lengths and textures.