Hair Extension Services
Have the hair you want today!

​Hair extensions have become a service in high demand in the beauty industry. Extensions are a great way to switch up your style temporally. Whether you are looking to add fullness or length, experimenting with color options without bleaching your hair, an instant Ombre with out permanently altering your style, desperate to grow out that short hair cut, correcting a bad hair cut, a more serious situations such as alopecia or chemotherapy concerns. We have methods and techniques in place to achieve the outcome you need, want or desire. When considering this service, the hair you use matters.


About the hair... There are 3 hair options to choose from depending on the desired method. I-Tip hair, Machine Weft, seemless/flat weft and Hand-tied Weft.  I-Tips and Fusion Tips are used for individuals strand-by-strand methods and wefted hair is used for a more dense appearance.


  What's the difference between  Machine Weft and Hand-tied Weft? I'm glad you asked... :-)  Machine weft is bulk hair sewn by a machine to create a track whereas a hand-tied weft is sewn by hand. The machine weft has a thicker track and the hand-tied weft has a thinner track.  I personally love working with both.


  We use high quality 100% human hair. Hair is an additional purchase due to price variation depending on length, texture and color.  Browse the methods we offer then make an appointment for a consultation to decide which technique is for you. ​


All Hair Extension services are guaranteed to last 1 year with proper maintenance.

NOTE... "Hand-Tied" Extension is the type of weft not a service.  I'm often asked if I do Hand-Tied extension. I do several beaded row techniques that hand-tied extenion wefts can be appied to. The types of wefts... hand-tied weft, seemless weft, flat weft and machine weft. 

Do you only want Volume? Our "Volume Only" extension service is just for you!! Add volume only to any hair type.  Match your current hair color or add hi-lights and/or low-lights.  This quick service matches your length with a uplift in volume.  With maintenance of 6-8 week this service will last 6-12 months.  $225

Micro Bead aka I-Tip Extensions (Most popular) Applied strand by strand. The most simple process for long or short term wear.  Great for thick, fine or thin hair.  Small wefts of hair are attached to small sections of the client's hair with a small silicone-lined bead. The bead is then tightened to hold it in place. No heat, no glue, no braids. With proper maintenance this technique can last up to 6 months. $600


Mini Extensions (Style Enhancer or Temple Extensions) This quick, mini service is great for enhancing the sides, temple and perimeter of your current style to create fullness and volume. This service is designed to enhance your current style by adding hair to frame the face. $195 ​ ​


Fusion (Flat & U-Tip) A pre-tipped keratin base bond is fused with your hair leaving an undetectable look. Fusion allows more freedom for natural movement and more durability. For maintenance, strands can be replaced whenever needed. A great benefit with this technique is the ability to customize size. Can last 3-4 months with proper care and maintenance. Starting at $700-$900



Sew-in (Traditional) Your real hair is braided into classic cornrows. The weft is gently sewn to the pre-braided hair to secure the weft to the braid. This method is great for women with thinning hair, also a great choice for growing your hair longer and to hide or blend large or small alopecia conditions. The Sew-in Extension is a great alternative to the fusion techniques. This method can be used on any hair type. Regular tightening is recommended to maintain a natural appearance. Can last up to 3 months. $300 (curly extension hair) - $450 (straight  or wavy extension hair)

Micro Wrap This unique method is combined with the client's hair and the pre tipped extension hair.  Both hair strands are joined together with a keratin lined tube and then shrink wrapped on the hair creating a translucent bond. Can last 3-4 months with proper care and maintenance. $450 - $550


Micro Links aka Beaded Row  Another favorite! A special tool is used to run your natural hair through a tiny, silicone filled bead to create a track foundation without a cornrow. Tightening/ is recommended every 4-6 weeks. Can last 3-6 months with proper care and maintenance.  $450


Micro Beaded Wefts This method offers more options of applying the weft extensions via Micro Beads...Beads are skillfully attached to the client's hair following the desired technique used. Current options... Braidless Sew-in, Invisible Bead, Beaded Weft, Beaded Thread, Hair Lacing and T-Beading. Can last 3-6 month with proper maintenance. Depending on the technique cost  $395 - $600 ​


Natural Bond A high tech, water soluble glue is used to adhere the extension hair to your natural hair. This is a great method for someone needing a extension service with low commitment. Can last 2-4 weeks. Starting at $200

Brazilian Knots This method involves an elasticized thread that binds the human hair extension with the client's hair. Can last 3-5 months.  Starting at $450


Custom installs are available with all techniques offering the option of partial or full installs.  ​ ​


All services must be installed and uninstalled by a professional to prevent damage to the hair.


Regular professional maintenance is required to guarantee all serices.  Most extensions services require a 4, 6 or 8 week maintenance appointment​. The maintenance services are recommended to guarantee the longevity of your install and the over all health of the scalp and hair.  Going over the required maintenance service schedulr will result in additional maintenance fees. 

All services are by appointment only and require a comprehensive 30-45 minute consultation.

All consultations have a $25 non refundable  fee to be applied toward all extension services. A valid credit card is required to hold all scheduled extension appointments.  I request the courtesy of a 24 hour cancellation notice for all extension appointments. Cancellations less than 24 hours notice will be charged 40% of the scheduled service.


Yes!  You can have the hair you want today!