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At Sandy's Hair Expressions, we go above and beyond for our guests — "Healthy hair needs a healthy body... a healthy body needs healthy skin."   We address the entire person by combining the combination of science, nature and nutrition.  We offer quality service along with top of the line products for you to enjoy.

Call us to schedule a visit, and take home all your favorite items today!

Beauty as it should be, naturally

        Better Health

Fleuresse Organic System

          Better Hair

Nourish the body from the inside out.

         Better Hair


better science. better hair.

We are dedicated to providing products that give you healthy and beautiful hair. For over 20 years, ProDesign has been creating products that heal, replenish and revive, by breaking down the science of hair. 

Better Science & Better Hair

The Triangle of Health

We offer 3 products that work synergesticlly together for optimal health. Great for the hair, skin and body.
Kyani Sunrise Supplement (1oz Juice)
Kyani Sunset (Omega-3 gels)
Kyani Nitro FX (Energy Boost
All natural. Non GMO
30 Day money back guarantee

Beauty as it should be...

naturally inspired, organically infused

Loma is made in the USA! They print their own bottles, blend their own products and fill their own bottles!

We invite you to experience the pure difference of Loma!

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